Welcome to our Strandkieker day care centre

The new building of the Wustrow day care centre in Strandstraße was opened in March 2012 and offers space for 113 children in twelve rooms on about 1000 square metres. Where does the name come from? Quite simple: because so much of our Baltic seaside resort revolves around the sea, the beach and seafaring, and because the kindergarten children are a good 10-minute walk from the beach, the daycare centre is called "Strandkieker". It is decorated in the colours blue, red and yellow, and maritime themes run through our lives like a red thread.
When you enter the building, you go through the high, light-flooded assembly hall into seven light-flooded group rooms with colourful walls for the crèche, kindergarten and after-school care. There is also a children's restaurant, an exercise room for romping and playing with sports equipment and a swing, a water play room and a children's kitchen.

Maritime and life-related
The kindergarten works according to the life-based approach and focuses on experience: in nature, in the group, in the story. How do we do this? Through activity, in action and in living together. We look at life holistically. This life-related basic idea and our five educational areas of communication, mathematical thinking, basic cultural and social experiences, music, aesthetics and visual design as well as movement flow into our free play, targeted activity offers and various project work every day. We are connected to our maritime culture and include it in our daily routine, but also in special traditional celebrations such as the Neptune baptism, the buoy launching or our pirate festival. One special focus of our day care centre is on the element of water, another on project work: we discover together what all is in an apple or what all belongs to art.


Heat and electricity from the sun
Our day-care centre is a CO2-neutral building built according to the PLUS energy concept, uses solar energy (photovoltaics, solar thermal energy) as well as geothermal energy and stands for sustainability, modernity and generational responsibility. The building generates more energy than it needs - climate protection with the greatest possible efficiency.

Plus energy concept: heat loss is consistently avoided through passive construction. Lightweight façades and solid ceilings on concrete supports have good storage mass, combined with an outer skin free of thermal bridges. Daylight-filled architecture reduces electricity requirements for lighting, and heating requirements are covered entirely by environmental heat. The photovoltaic system on the roof produces the required amount of electricity for lighting and appliances.

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